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Demanding guided tours in Denmark

Anita Vystavel has the ability to convey qualified knowledge about Danish history, social conditions, art, architecture and Danish distinctive cultural character in a language the visitor understands and appreciates

With her commercial background and as a graduate from Roskilde University Center (RUC), Anita Vystavel is, in her quality as official guide and member of The Danish Association of Tourist Guides (TFF), highly skilled and experienced, having since 1995 served most demanding Danish and foreign private and official guests from trade, industry and various institutions.

Certified in Danish, English, French and German, Anita Vystavel has, by serving at the Royal Court castles, Amalienborg Christian VII's Palace, Christiansborg and Fredensborg and by attending special courses in art history, cultural history and architecture, notably improved her knowledge and understanding of Denmark within its domestic as well as its international context.